What is a domain name?
A domain name is an address on the Internet. Computers on the Internet are identified by an IP address, a string of four numbers separated by dots, each between 0 and 255 (e.g., Domain names allow users to key in memorable text addresses versus numerical addresses to reach Web destinations.

What is the WHOIS database?
The WHOIS database provides a search repository for all registered mdEmail® domain names including registrant information, the created and expiration date for the domain as well as md domain name servers. A link to the ″whois″ database is provided under the Support menu on the MaxMD web site.

How do I search for available md domain names?
The WHOIS database will allow you to search for existing md domain names. A link to the WHOIS database is provided in the primary menu on the MaxMD Web site.

How much does a md domain name cost?
The basic md domain name package is priced at $150/year. Domain Registration packages can be purchased in multiple-year terms at discounted prices.

Can a md domain name be registered for less than one year?
No, md domain names can only be purchased for single and multiple-year terms. MaxMD does not offer Domain Registrations for less than one year.

How do I pay for a md domain name?
MaxMD accepts all major credit cards. When you shop at MaxMD, you'll be one of thousands of members who have safely registered with us without credit card fraud. If you feel more comfortable, you may phone in your order at (201) 963.0005.

What if I misspelled my domain name during the registration process?
If you have misspelled the selected domain name during registration, contact a MaxMD member support specialist within one business day of the domain name registration at (201) 963.0005. Please provide both the misspelled and correct domain names and we will attempt to replace the misspelled name in the shared registry. Note that MaxMD reserves the right to accept or reject any domain name refund/misspelling request.

What is HIPAA?
HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (1996), establishes national standards for electronic healthcare transactions and national identifiers for providers, health insurance plans, and employers.

What is NwHIN Direct?
The NwHIN (Nationwide Health Information Network) Direct project develops specifications for a secure, scalable, standards-based way to establish universal health addressing and transport for participants (including providers, laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, and patients) to send encrypted health information directly to known, trusted recipients over the internet.

Will I receive any legal documentation indicating purchase of my md domain name?
Yes, members will receive email confirmation upon receipt of payment including domain name, length of registration term and purchase details.

Will I receive notification regarding the renewal of my md domain name?
Yes, renewal notifications are sent to the administrative contact 30-days, 15-days, and 7-days prior to the date of expiration. If the domain name is not renewed, the administrative contact will also be notified on the final day of expiration. There is a grace period of five days following the final expiration date. After this time, the domain will be released from the database and made available for market purchase.

My domain name has expired and I am unable to renew it.
It is company policy to remove expired names from our database after the five-day expiration period has elapsed. Once a name is released from the database, it cannot be renewed. It must be repurchased, if available. If you are unable to register a known expired name and it does not exist in the WHOIS database, please contact a MaxMD member support representative.

Is it possible to transfer my domain name?
Domain names can be transferred. Domain name transfers require a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from either the organization registrant or the administrative contact for the domain. The LOA is always required from the registrant that is releasing the domain. Please Contact Us for assistance.

May I cancel a registered md domain name?
MaxMD maintains a no refund policy on all md domain name registrations. Members can simply allow the registration term to expire or deactivate the domain name, without a refund. Domain names belong to you until expiration. You can transfer or sell a domain name, subject to the Registration Agreement.

Does MaxMD offer an email service?
Yes. MaxMD offers a HIPAA-enabled email service called mdEmail®. This service is provided with the registration of an md domain and allows medical and healthcare professionals to communicate securely with peers, patients, colleagues, and others. To learn more about MaxMD products in addition to mdEmail®, see the ″Features″ menu on the MaxMD web site.

How do I make changes to my account information?
Sign into the member support section on the login page (using your username and password to make the necessary changes. If you do not remember your username, click on the Forgot Username? link. If you no longer have access to the email address on file, contact a MaxMD member support specialist for assistance. If you do not remember your password, click on the Forgot Password? link.

How do I change my contact information?
To make changes to administrative, billing and/or technical contact information, log into your md member account at www.MaxMD and follow the menu for making changes. Please note that changes to organization or registrant information require a formal Letter of Authorization (LOA) from either the organization registrant or the administrative contact for the domain. The LOA is always required from the registrant that is releasing the domain.

How do I change my password?
Account passwords can be changed by selecting the change password tab in the online account manager.

Why don't all of my domain names appear under my username?
You may see an incomplete list of domain names in your account if:

  • You registered md domain names using more than one username and/or created more than one account;

  • Your domain names were not registered through MaxMD, but on one of our partner sites;

  • Your domain name may have expired. Names that have expired will appear in the Overview section for a grace period of five days past expiration and are highlighted in red.

Domain Names section is reserved for active domain names only. If you do not see your domain name in either section and it is more than 5 days past expiration then it has been made available to the public for purchase. If you recently registered your domain name and do not see it in either section, please Contact Us. If you have registered domain names at the MaxMD registration site and have used multiple usernames, you can consolidate all domains under one account by contacting member services.

How do I create my Web page?
Users will be prompted to set up their Web page once registration is complete. If you have not created your Web page, you may log into your account and follow the directions below.

To build your Web page:

  • Login to your MaxMD account

  • Click on My Domain Names from the menu listed on the left-hand side

  • Under Step 1. Select the domain names you wish to manage, choose the domain name which you'd like to create a website for.

  • Under Step 2. Select the action you wish to perform, then select Setup Website and Submit.

  • Choose your preferred layout and fill out the required fields. Select Preview to ensure your Web page is as you intended it to appear.

  • Select Submit when complete. The following message will appear, indicating successful creation of your Web page:

Your Web page has been created. You can return to My Domain Names to continue managing your domains. Once the content is submitted it may take 24 - 72 hours for your webpage to populate over the Internet. To edit your Web page after it has been submitted simply follow steps outlined above.

My information has changed and now my Web page is incorrect. How can I edit it?
To edit your Web page simply follow the instructions for ″How do I create my Web page″. When prompted to enter your information into the specific fields, enter your new information