Secure Mail List Manager

“The security factor far and away outstrips every other option. We both need to communicate among members, and can speak frankly, because the information stays within the group. It should be noted that while we are discussing clinical data, we don’t breech specific patient confidentiality, even between members. This mode of communication can only work within the mdGC [Group Collaboration] environment.”

Dr. Lawrence Barsch moderates a group which includes 45 to 50 dental specialists.

As a HIPAA secure group collaboration tool, mdGC (Group Collaboration) offers:
  • Uncompromised Privacy
  • Direct
  • Convenient
  • Ease of Use
  • Administrative Controls
  • SPAM Proof

Uncompromised Privacy

In Web 1.0 implementations, such as portals and social networking sites, healthcare professionals should be aware of privacy invasions. scraping, sniffing, tracking cookies, and , each compromise user identity. With all mdEmail products, we offer the ultimate standard in privacy and security. None of the described risks can penetrate our security barrier. Your administrative power determines who is included in the information distribution.


No portals. No logins. No hassles. All news and updates arrive in email format. Each message is secure.


Lets you work when you want and where you want. Desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone enabled. No special software required.

Ease of Use

Each participant stays within a simple secure email environment. No web sites to visit or navigate.

Administrative Controls

Contain conversations to either listening or participation. Flexible administrative controls permit dynamic group communication.

SPAM Proof

Because the list of participants is discretely controlled by an administrator, no SPAM attacks from outside perpetrators are allowed into the discussion.

Specialized Applications of mdGT:
  • Clinical Research
  • Physician Collaboration
  • Care Coordination
  • PCMH — Patient Centered Medical Homecare
  • Visiting Nurses
  • Multidiscipline Treatment Plans