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etherFAX Announces Partnership with MaxMD to Create an Additional On-Ramp to Interoperability

2023-04-06 09:27:59By: MaxMD

A paper fax can be converted into a Direct Secure Message!

2022-04-06 13:09:08By: MaxMD

Technical application of digital signatures in healthcare

2022-03-03 13:54:59By: MaxMD

Use of signatures in healthcare

2022-03-03 13:53:44By: MaxMD

Using MaxSignatures to digitally sign documents

2022-03-03 14:12:40By: MaxMD

Ask MaxMD: What is a digital endpoint and why do I need one?

2021-10-21 08:57:45By: MaxMD

Recommendations for NPPES Database Enhancements

2021-08-25 16:10:25By: MaxMD

Meet MaxMD's Interoperability Hero!

2021-08-06 13:35:20By: MaxMD

Ask MaxMD: Where can I get more information about Direct?

2021-06-28 14:16:32By: MaxMD

Ask MaxMD: What is the correct Direct address to use when sending a patient’s PCP an ADT notification?

2021-04-15 11:18:34By: MaxMD

MaxMD Joins the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative

2021-05-04 16:39:37By: MaxMD

MaxMD Achieves DirectTrust Privacy & Security (DT P&S) Accreditation

2021-03-29 06:14:06By: MaxMD

MaxMD's input for Interoperability Matters Survey

2021-03-15 17:53:38By: MaxMD

Compliance with the CMS CoP mandatory electronic ADT event notifications could cost you a lot less by using Direct Secure Messaging to deliver these alerts!

2021-03-05 06:01:51By: MaxMD

Let My Patients Text!

2020-10-27 12:30:00By: MaxMD

MiHIN Announces InterOpathon Challenge Winner!

2020-06-15 12:00:00By: MaxMD

Unlocking Optimal Patient-focused Care Through MaxMD SDOH Screening Mobile App

2020-06-01 12:30:00By: MaxMD

MaxMD Achieves Approval to Integrate with CMS Blue Button 2.0 API

2020-03-20 12:30:00By: HEALTHCARE DIVE

Medicare Telemedicine Healthcare Provider Fact Sheet

2020-03-18 12:30:00By: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Standards-Infused Innovation

2019-07-16 12:30:00By: CIO Views

Healthcare Standards: Commentary and Education on Current and Emerging Healthcare Standards

2019-09-19 08:15:00By: Keith W. Boone

MaxMD Named by CIOReview on 2019 list of 50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers

2019-02-07 11:00:00By: CIOReview

MaxMD Achieves Direct Trusted Agent Accreditation Program from EHNAC and DirectTrust

2019-04-22 11:30:00By: EHNAC and DirectTrust

MaxMD CTO Bruce Schreiber Named DirectTrust Board Chair

2018-07-19 12:30:00By: MaxMD

MaxMD, MedAllies and Surescripts Named Platinum Sponsors of 6th Annual DirectTrust Networking Reception at HIMSS19

2019-01-31 11:09:25By: MaxMD

MaxMD Clients Not Impacted By EFAIL Vulnerability

2018-06-11 12:30:00By: MaxMD

MaxMD’s MaxIntegration™ v1.0 Earns ONC Health IT Certification from Drummond Group LLC

2018-06-11 12:00:00By: Drummond Group LLC

Can DirectTrust Jumpstart Open API Networks and FHIR?

2018-05-23 12:00:00By: David Raths - Healthcare Informatics

Innovation for Practical Use by MaxMD

2018-05-16 11:00:00By: CIO Bulletin

Carlton County Connects: Health Care Encounter Notification System Goes Live

2018-02-22 10:00:00By: Advocate Consulting

Announcement of New Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

2018-04-24 10:00:00By: MaxMD

MaxMD and Innovation Care Partners Collaborate to Eliminate Paper-Based Workflow

2018-01-24 12:30:00By: Innovation Care Partners

MaxMD: Creating sustainable interoperability through the Direct Protocol

2018-01-09 12:30:00By: Enterprise Viewpoint

MaxMD Achieves Direct Trusted Agent Accreditation Program from EHNAC and DirectTrust

2017-04-24 12:00:00By: EHNAC and DirectTrust

Using the Direct Protocol to Create Lightweight, Scalable and Secure Healthcare Information Exchange

2017-03-23 12:00:30By: Scott A Finlay

MaxMD Coordinated Care Enablers

2017-02-21 12:30:00By: CIOReview

MaxMD Named Amongst “20 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers 2017” by CIOReview

2017-02-21 12:00:00By: CIOReview

Commentary: Time to look beyond EHRs to Direct Messaging, natural language processing, rules engines to liberate data

2017-02-15 12:30:00By: Lisa Moon

MaxMD’s Direct mdEmail® v3.0 Earns ONC Health IT Certification from Drummond Group LLC

2017-02-09 12:30:00By: Drummond Group

MaxMD Partners with A|D Vault to Demonstrate a Direct to FHIR Interface

2017-01-31 12:00:00By: MyDirectives

MaxMD Recertified as Health Data Intermediary by Minnesota Department of Health

2017-01-13 12:00:00By: Minnesota Department of Health

MaxMD Recognized Among Top 10 Healthcare Communication Solution Providers 2016 by Healthcare Tech Outlook- Communications

2016-03-16 12:00:00By: Healthcare Tech Outlook

MaxMD - Dynamic Healthcare Data Exchange Solutions

2015-12-07 12:26:42By: CIO Review

50 Most Promising Healthcare Tech Solution Providers 2015

2015-12-07 12:06:06By: CIOReview


2013-06-06 17:00:00By: ANTHONY BRINO

MaxMD Achieves DirectTrust.org / EHNAC Accreditation

2013-05-24 13:16:41By: ehnac.org

Survey Finds Drivers, Barriers to Widespread Health Data Exchange

2013-05-24 09:25:14By: ihealthbeat.org

Telemedicine shows ROI at ATA

2013-05-24 09:27:45By: inShare2