What is MaxSignatures?
MaxSignatures enables you to sign and capture legally enforceable digital signatures on consent forms and other important medical documents. MaxSignatures was designed around the concepts of easy workflow integration, strong signer authentication and unalterable document integrity. With PKI technology your document is turned into a message digest that accounts for every bit and byte of the message. Your signature and a certificate becomes embedded into the message digest as an integral part of the document. Your signature is secure in its UNALTERABLE form. With MaxSignatures` superior technology your signature will immediately be invalidated if any part of the document is altered, modified, tampered with or edited.

Documents sent for signature via MaxSignatures reduce time and labor expenses that businesses often overlook or needlessly accepted. Traditional overnight mail via FedEx and UPS are costly expenses for businesses to incur. MaxSignatures enables a quicker response and turnaround time on important documents. Send documents for signature via encrypted mail to replace the costly and slow turnaround time of hard paper documents.

How does it work?
Access the MaxSignatures application and select your signing scenario and the document requiring a signature. For convenience, store your frequently used documents in our file repository for quick access. Simply select your file, add your signature if applicable and send. End users or their clients do not need special hardware to enable the technology. Visit to start signing digitally today.

Healthcare organizations collect hundreds of signatures a day.
Digital signatures are in use by Hospitals of all sizes, Ambulatory facilities, Remote and mobile staff, Mental healthcare providers and healthcare organizations carrying out clinical trials. Typical documents using digital signatures include:

Benefits of MaxSignatures:
  • Secure end-to-end communications

  • No hardware requirements

  • Global acceptance

  • Non-repudiation

  • Multi-factor signer authentication

  • Decrease costs; High ROI

  • Save time, improve efficiency and automate processes

  • Reduce risk

  • Improve patient service

  • Enhance compliance and technical standards

  • Minimize environmental impact

  • Improve process augmentation

  • Available as SaaS or Enterprise Class

  • Multiple configurations to accommodate individual security concerns

Additional Features of MaxSignatures:
MaxCOMPLETE™ feature enables the seamless capture of metadata for increased productivity. Send form fillable PDFs to capture user defined data. All data entered by the counterparty into the forms is captured as metadata; easily extracted and mobilized to other databases and/or mapped to its appropriate corresponding fields.