EaaS® - for Existing, New & Emerging HIT Systems
Encryption as a Service - EaaS® - for Existing, New & Emerging HIT Systems
EHRs, EMRs, HIEs, HIOs, IDNs, Pharmacies, Hospital Systems, Payers, LTC Facilities, HIT Vendors, Labs, ACOs

With MaxMD’s EaaS® configuration options Direct mdEmail® is easily integrated into existing systems using approved ″Edge Community″ protocols including SOAP and XDR. Direct mdEmail® is interoperable with current applications and technology systems without work flow disruption, loss of autonomy or any additional hardware requirements. EaaS® allows our clients to leverage their existing infrastructure, save costs and time while quickly transforming their current installed infrastructure to a secure communications solution Learn more about How It Works.

Key Benefits of Direct mdEmail® with SendAnywhere™ Encryption:

  • Encrypted email communication

  • Advanced spam and virus filtering

  • Accessible from computers, smart phones & tablets

  • Increased efficiency and ROI

  • Lowers risk of security breach

  • Filtering RBL white lists & black lists

  • Easily accessible from computers, smartphones & tablets

  • Encryption as a Service (EaaS®); No change to your current technology investment

  • Zero workflow disruption on deployment

  • Obtain Meaningful Use

  • 100% HIPAA compliant

  • Reduce costs on paper mailings and non-HIPAA compliant faxes

  • Engage patients in accordance with National eHealth Collaborative Patient Engagement Framework

  • Facilitate & improve secure care coordination

  • Capital efficient

  • Easily adoptable