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The domain registration package is a low cost, turnkey solution designed to address privacy concerns, maximize efficiency and improve patient outcomes. Your domain name is how the world finds you online and the first step to establishing your web presence.

What's Included:

  • 1 .md domain name
  • 1 secure email account
  • 1 webcard
  • 1 patient initiated secure email
  • 1 secure email archiving
  • 3 Gb secure email space
  • 3 Gb secure email archiving space

Start promoting your company online by using the web card that comes with your .md registration. If your online needs grow beyond a webcard, we can build your website, and publish it for the world to see.

A domain name can also be used to personalize your email address; presenting a more professional image. This permanent and portable identity can help you as a healthcare professional be recognized instantly and throughout your career. .mdEmail® users can also conduct one-to-one and secure multi-user conversations from their desktops and other platforms, enabling easy real-time collaboration within and among workgroups using our .mdSecureIM. .mdEmail® SecureSend gives your patients or business associates the power to initiate secure, encrypted communication.

Once you have found an available .md domain name you can add additional .mdEmail® accounts, Hosting Services, Website Development, Digital Signatures or Secure Mail List Manager

  • If you do not have the need for a .md domain name but still want to use our secure email, you can purchase an .mdEmail® Only product.
  • If you already have a mail server but want to be able to send secure emails, you can connect to us using our secure server connection.
  • If you are an enterprise looking for an integratible solution to deliver ePHI in a secure format, please visit our Business Solutions page.
  • If want to become a reseller of any of our products please visit our Reseller page.
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